Shopify is a leading platform for online stores, especially those in the auto sector—and finding the right Shopify fitment apps that cater to year, make, and model data is vital for businesses that want to streamline their operations.

These apps not only simplify the inventory process for auto parts suppliers, but also ensure compatibility for buyers, which can help reduce returns and increase sales. But with so many options available in the Shopify App Store, choosing the best fit can be daunting.

In this blog, we explore the top Shopify apps designed for managing fitment data—covering everything from the ease of import to customization options, from free plans to the support team's responsiveness.

Whether you're looking for an app that offers a free trial, operates with the latest Shopify themes, or provides detailed fitment information for Shopify admin, we've got you covered.

What Is Fitment Data?

Fitment data refers to detailed information regarding the year, make, and model (YMM) of a vehicle. This data can extend to include specifics about a vehicle’s trim or engine specifications.

Essentially, it helps shoppers confirm compatibility between a product and a vehicle, ensuring that the parts or accessories they buy will fit as intended.

Adding this data to your Shopify website will give you significant advantages, including:

  • A better shopper experience.
  • Fewer returns.
  • Better inventory management.
  • A boost in sales.

Ready to start incorporating Shopify fitment data into your website? Try one of these seven Shopify fitment apps to streamline adding Shopify YMM data to your listings.

Our Reviews of 7 Fitment Apps for the Shopify Platform

Let's face it: the task of manually uploading a new listing for each year, make, and model on Shopify is almost impossible.

Luckily, there are solutions available.

Shopify fitment apps streamline this process by providing fitment integrations, along with features for importing and exporting data. Plus, most of them are incredibly easy to use—simply visit Shopify, then log in to install.

Here are seven of our favorite Shopify fitment apps, their features, and pros and cons: 

1. Our review of Convermax



Convermax is compatible with over 15 fitment data resources, ensuring that your customers always find parts that fit their vehicles.

This tool is designed to take the hassle out of managing your store's inventory and fitment data, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most—growing your business.

With Convermax, your website can gain access to a suite of advanced search functionalities, including YMM search, wheels and tires search, VIN search, and the ability to filter by keywords.

One of its standout features is its capability to work with fitment data in any format. Whether you're dealing with data from APIs, spreadsheets, or ACES files, Convermax's search engine can effortlessly pull and compile data from various sources.

Convermax pricing starts from $250 per month and goes up to $850 per month.

Pros and cons of Convermax:



Exceptional customer support, with quick and responsive adjustments.

A high setup fee of $800. There is no free plan available.

Easy-to-use interface, with automatic functionalities that streamline operations.


Advanced YMM (Year Make Model) search, tire and wheel size search, and keyword filters.


2. Our review of EasySearch



EasySearch is so popular that it boasts 4.9 out of 5 stars on Shopify! It’s built for use directly in Shopify and is a helpful addition for small or new eCommerce shops. Plus, it works with the latest themes and you can manage it directly in Shopify admin.

EasySearch’s biggest selling point is its low cost and the fact that it comes preloaded with a database of YMM data. Of course, if you don’t want to use their database, you can always import a CSV of your own.

If you aren’t ready to commit to the app, it offers a free seven-day trial. But at $19 per month, it’s a powerful, affordable fitment app that can streamline your store’s performance with a few clicks.

Pros and cons of EasySearch:



Overwhelmingly positive reviews with an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Some store owners using the app experienced complications when searching for all products related to a specific vehicle.

A free trial and $19 per month membership make it affordable, even for small businesses.


Reviews on Shopify praise the customer service team for exceeding expectations.


Provides flexibility in managing the database, either through manual input or import options.


3. Our review of azFitment for Shopify



azFitment makes fitment tools for Shopify as well as Amazon, eBay, and BigCommerce. If you sell through multiple eCommerce platforms, this app helps you keep everything in one place.

azFitment bills itself as an app that customizes to each auto parts seller’s needs. This does mean you’ll have to contact them to get a quote. It may be more expensive than the other options, but if you want a high-end or bespoke setup, this could be the ideal solution for you.

In addition to its features, azFitment claims to give its users results like:

  • Selling 20% more products.
  • Spending 50% less time on managing information.
  • Reducing churn by 81%.
  • Putting up new information 75% faster.

Pros and cons of azFitment:



Multiplatform capabilities with Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and BigCommerce.

Pricing information is not available online, and users need to contact them for a quote.

A fully bespoke and customizable solution.


4. Our review of VFitz ‑ The Vehicle Product Fit



VFitz is a Shopify fitment app that gives sellers access to a readymade database for YMM and trim data. With VFitz, shoppers can use the toolbar to filter by product type to find what they need.

This app allows you to completely customize the front end of your Shopify experience with options for font size, colors, and more. It also has templates available if you need extra help setting up your Shopify store.

VFitz has a free trial that includes up to 50 products. Their subscription plans are recurring and usage-based, ranging from $0.97 per month to $27.99 per month.

Pros and cons of VFitz:



Free 30-day trial.

Some users find the vehicle count system confusing.

The app is easy to install and use, enhancing the user experience for suppliers.


The app provides good value for its price, with features similar to those of competitors.


The service team responds to queries within 24 hours.


5. Our review of Partly PIM

Partly PIM


Designed to cater to both aftermarket parts and OE brands, Partly PIM provides an incredible level of detail with access to over 40 attributes for each part.

These attributes include not only the basics like the YMM, but also extend to submodel, engine, chassis, body type, and trim, among others.

With a network of over 42 million catalog partners, Partly PIM brings an extensive range of 4,000 aftermarket parts and OE brands under its umbrella. Its technology can automatically match your products to corresponding parts in its catalog, streamlining the process of listing and selling auto parts on your Shopify store.

Pricing starts at $299 per month for up to 10,000 SKUs (stock keeping units), and up to $4,999 per month for up to 500,000 SKUs. All charges are billed in USD.

Pros and cons of Partly PIM:



Helpful service from the support team, with quick response times.

Truck and motorcycle parts are excluded.

Automatically adds vehicle data to users' sites, simplifying the process of showing compatible parts.

Using the app can be complex, and there is a significant time investment to set it up.

Users have noticed an increase in conversions due to the app's ability to tell customers which parts fit their cars.


6. Our review of C: Year Make Model Search

C: Year Make Model Search


The C: Year Make Model Search app is a powerful and versatile tool designed to enhance the online shopping experience for both merchants and customers.

With its ability to manage complex databases and streamline the product search process, this app stands out as a valuable asset for Shopify store owners.

Whether you're selling vehicle and truck accessories, bike accessories, tires, boat accessories, or even printers and ink cartridges, the C: Year Make Model Search app can improve your store's functionality and customer satisfaction.

There is a free basic plan available, and paid plans start at $10 per month up to $75 per month for 1,500,000 YMM rows.

Pros and cons of C: Make Model Search



Free plan.

While it integrates seamlessly with Shopify, there might be challenges integrating it with other third-party tools.

Supports a variety of products beyond auto parts.


Features an intuitive drop-down interface that makes it easy for shoppers to find what they need.


Allows for the import of existing CSV files to manage YMM records quickly.


7. Our review of Automotive Part Search

Automotive Parts Search


Automotive Part Search, developed by GoVedia, is a Shopify app designed to help car parts stores improve their website shopping experience.

Beyond basic features like linking cars to products and filtering options, Automotive Part Search steps it up by letting you customize your website design and search bar—should you have some coding knowledge.

One of the best things about Automotive Part Search is the "My Garage" feature. This lets your repeat customers save their car details on your site, making it faster for them to find parts the next time they shop.

It costs $49 and charges are billed every month. But, to get started, there's a 14-day free trial to test it out.

Pros and cons of Automotive Part Search



14-day free plan.

Additional fees apply for hands-on help or further customization beyond the basic setup.

User-friendly setup that makes it accessible for users of all skill levels.


Offers a wide range of vehicle filtering options.


Allows for customization of the store's appearance with CSS and HTML.


Get Smarter Shopify Fitment with Spark Shipping

Navigating Shopify’s fitment apps can be challenging, especially when you want to operate a top-tier Shopify auto parts website. While many apps like the ones we’ve reviewed above are a good starting point, they often lack robust features and have issues such as:

  • Problematic data formatting.
  • Insufficient integrations.
  • Outdated fitment catalogs.

These shortcomings not only disrupt your operations, but also diminish the shopping experience for your customers. Enter Spark Shipping, a dynamic enhancement that is built for your business.

Spark Shipping isn't designed to replace your favorite fitment apps but to supercharge them, ensuring your website operates with unmatched efficiency.

Key features of Spark Shipping include:

  • Ability to export fitment data in any required format.
  • Listing and selling thousands of parts without manual SKU input.
  • Full compatibility with all Shopify fitment data plugins.
  • Synchronization with data from various vendors.
  • Access to a friendly and expert technical support team.
  • Capability to source the most cost-effective products from a range of distributors.
  • Streamline the integration of comprehensive fitment data into your Shopify online store.

Explore our pricing plans and discover how easy it can be to refine your Shopify fitment data management.