Route Orders Intelligently

Using Spark Shipping’s One-to-Many mapping, you can link one product to multiple vendors. 

This enables each Spark Shipping product listing to track different SKUs, vendor identifiers, stock quantities, and unit costs for each vendor it is linked to. 

This means Spark Shipping can automatically route orders to the correct vendors as soon as customers place them in your store!

Spark Shipping can send orders in any format your vendor requires.

  • Plain Text Email

  • CSV via Email/FTP/SFTP/FTPS

  • XML via Email/FTP/SFTP/FTPS

  • EDI 850/940



You can choose to either fully automate order routing, i.e. as soon as an order is placed it is automatically sent to the correct vendor, or you can create rules that flag certain orders for manual approval.

This allows you to, for example, create a rule to place orders above a certain amount or orders that a third party, e.g. Shopify or Signifyd, has alerted you to have a high fraud risk on hold for manual approval.

Dropshipper working at laptop, commenting on the fact that customer orders are automatically sent in the correct format.
Dropshipper using Spark Shipping to automatically route orders to lowest cost vendor

Intelligent Order Routing

Spark Shipping is the only eCommerce automation solution with Intelligent Order Routing.

It works like this:

  • You can map products in Spark Shipping to multiple vendors.

  • When you receive an order for a product linked to multiple vendors, Spark Shipping automatically routes the order according to your selected routing rule, for example to the vendor with the product in stock at the lowest cost!

  • Orders for multiple products are automatically broken out into line items and each line item is routed to the correct vendor according to your selected routing rules.

    Intelligent Order Routing ensures that you can keep products in stock, get more orders, and route orders at lower prices than your competition.

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