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WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce sales solution plugin for WordPress and includes everything you need to manage your eCommerce website in one place.

It offers all you need to create a Woocommerce store and start selling, including templates to easily design your storefront, secure payments, configurable shipping options, and actionable analytics.

You can also upload products, manage inventory, and accept orders.

However, instead of manually uploading product information, setting stock levels, and worrying about order fulfillment and tracking, why not let Spark Shipping’s WooCommerce integration take care of all these repetitive tasks on WooCommerce for you?

Spark Shipping’s Woocommerce Automation Tools

Spark Shipping automates the connection between WooCommerce and all of your vendors!

We work with any vendor, supplier, manufacturer, distributor, warehouse, etc., regardless of the vendor's format.

Spark Shipping also integrates directly with WooCommerce’s core API, so there is no WordPress plugin store owners need to install and maintain.

Have a look at how Spark Shipping’s WooCommerce integration allows you to automate your WooCommerce store!

Automated Product Uploads

Spark Shipping can take the hassle out of product uploads by doing the heavy lifting for you. 

Spark Shipping gathers complete product data from all your vendors. 

We then consolidate the data in one easy-to-use product catalog personalized to you, allowing you to upload the product data to your WooCommerce eCommerce store easily.

Product Data is uploaded in the format WooCommerce requires, including global and local attribute data.

For WooCommerce stores selling firearms, Spark Shipping integrates with the FFL API plugin on WooCommerce, enabling you to easily upload FFL products to your online store!

Automated Inventory Updates

Spark Shipping allows you to fully automate WooCommerce inventory updates, increasing customer satisfaction by ensuring you can always fulfill an order after a customer has placed it.

You can use our One-to-Many mapping to link a single product listing in your WooCommerce store to multiple vendors. 

Spark Shipping can send up to real-time product updates from all of them, making sure you can always route orders to an in-stock vendor.

Automated Pricing

Spark Shipping provides real-time pricing updates and margins are always maintained regardless of price increases. 

Spark Shipping can also automate pushing sale price information to WooCommerce.

Automated Order Fulfillment

Using Spark Shipping’s One-to-Many mapping, you can link one product to multiple vendors. 

This enables each Spark Shipping product listing to track different SKUs, vendor identifiers, stock quantities, and unit costs for each linked vendor. 

This means Spark Shipping can automatically route orders to the correct vendors as soon as customers place them in your store!

You can choose to either fully automate order routing, i.e., as soon as an order is placed, it is automatically sent to the correct vendor, or you can create rules that flag certain orders for manual approval.

Automated Tracking Updates

Spark Shipping automatically updates your store with tracking numbers and your orders are marked as sent as soon as your vendors return tracking information. You can configure your WooCommerce shopping cart to alert your customers via email automatically. 

Tracking goes from Vendor -> Spark Shipping -> Your Store -> Your Customers -- A fully automated round trip!

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