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Motor State Distributing

Motor State Distributing Integration Details

  • Integration Method: API
  • Setup Fee: Free

About Motor State Distributing

✅ Are you struggling to integrate Motor State Distributing with your e-commerce store?

✅ Is it taking you hours to keep product listings updated?

✅ Is order tracking for your customers difficult?

Integrate your eCommerce store to the Motor State Distributing API and Transform your Results 📈

⏱ List Motor State Distributing products in seconds and save hundreds of hours

😃 Delight your customers with up-to-date stock quantities and accurate product prices

🚢 Automatically send orders to WDs and share order tracking with your customers



  • Automatically update your site with available stock
  • List thousands of products in seconds
  • Update the latest prices 💰 💰 💰
  • Stay in MAP compliance
  • Upload images and descriptions
  • Include products from multiple suppliers
  • Send orders directly to your distributor


  • Connect your product catalog with customer-facing apps
  • Maximize product choice for customers
  • Allow users to search large product databases with ease
  • Build trust with customers & elevate your brand


  • Automatically provide your distributors tracking updates to customers
  • Save time dealing with customer tracking requests
  • Improve customer experience

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Technical Specifications

Spark Shipping can automatically:

  • Synchronize Products
    • Create Motor State Distributing products in your eBay cart
    • Show Motor State Distributing products not currently in your eBay cart
    • Learn more about Full Product Data Upload
  • Update Inventory
    • Get inventory quantity updates from Motor State Distributing
    • Update the quantities in your eBay cart
  • Send Orders
    • Get new orders from your eBay cart
    • Send order fulfillment requests to Motor State Distributing
  • Update Tracking
    • Get tracking updates from Motor State Distributing
    • Send shipment data to your eBay cart
    • Your eBay cart will notify the buyer that their item has shipped

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