What Can You Do with Our Software?

  • Automate your supplier's feed with full product data integration and automated product uploads
  • Synchronize your storefront's inventory with multiple vendors
  • Automate ordering, fulfillment, and tracking between your website and suppliers
  • Automatically update your customers with tracking information directly from vendors

Integrate Your Business Directly with Your Vendors

  • Add and manage multiple vendors and connect multiple e-commerce websites under one account
  • Get real-time inventory updates for your websites directly from your vendors
  • Synchronize different product catalogs from different suppliers 24/7
  • Automate your state-specific regulatory requirements for nationwide sales (including CARB, EPA, and 49-State)

Get Insights That Will Grow Your Inventory Management Business

  • Get real-time sales data from vendors for different products that are listed on your website
  • View your overall sales and fulfillment data through our platform or download it in various formats (including CSV, XML, and JSON)
  • Find current listed prices, stock quantities, and delivery times for multiple vendors all in one place
  • Manage and track orders through multiple vendors via your dashboard

Spark Shipping Works With:

Spark Shipping Makes Implementation Easy

  • We provide comprehensive onboarding and regular training for our clients
  • We offer 24/7 support for all platform issues
  • There are no contracts or hidden costs—just cover the first month’s fee to get started
  • We offer pre-built integrations, features, and functions
  • Spark Shipping’s software can work with any vendor that offers integration. If you need a custom integration, feature, or function, our developers can build it

Features That Make Our Software Different

  • Intelligent order routing. Spark Shipping can automatically find the fastest delivery options from several vendors
  • Easy product linking. Upload mapping files, add them manually, or contact our support team to do product linking for you
  • Automated order fulfillment. Our software will handle order fulfillment and automatically find suppliers offering the best price
  • Automated pricing adjustments. Use our dashboard to set parameters on pricing and ensure consistent profit margins

Want to Find Out More?

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