Choose What Orders Route to ShipStation Using Spark Shipping

Many users depend on Spark Shipping to automate their drop-shipped orders, but what about orders they want to fulfill internally? Spark Shipping is now able to connect with your ShipStation account, to help you process your in-house orders and print shipping labels fast and easy.

Your ShipStation account is created as a Vendor in Spark Shipping. You can then choose what products are routed to ShipStation and which are routed to 3rd party vendors.

Spark Shipping will appear in ShipStation as a custom store after completing the integration in a few steps. Orders will be sent to ShipStation as they come in from the user’s store through Spark Shipping, and Tracking data will be sent back from ShipStation through Spark Shipping and back to the user’s store, your store then notifies your customer their package has shipped, it’s all automated!

If Spark Shipping receives an order with items for both ShipStation and a 3rd party vendor, Spark Shipping will split this sending the correct items to ShipStation and correct items to the 3rd party vendor. This way, the vendor does not see your ShipStation inventory and only the correct items are included in orders inside of ShipStation.

This works great for dropshipping or when you’re vendors already use ShipStation for their fulfillment. Using Spark Shipping you can select exactly what products & orders are sent to each ShipStation account. You control what orders are sent to each account without vendors seeing products and orders from other vendors. For vendors that already use Ship Station then can now see orders they need to fulfillment right inside their current ShipStation account.

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