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Welcome to Spark Shipping my name is Charles I’m the founder. At Spark Shipping our gals provide full end to end e-commerce automation. Let me tell you a little bit more. What that does it starts with auto formative. For all you drop shares out there you know this is one of your first parts of your business day quite should be automated. What we’ll help you with is when an order comes in we help you process that order with the correct supplier, vender, 3rd party filming house. We’ll get that order to determine where it should be processed and who should be contacted about this order. We then send out the crack e-mails, sent if they have to go to multiple venders we speak about the order we know it where it goes to and we send out those for you on your behalf. We can also copy on these e-mails so you know that the crack e-mails went out to the crack place. All this happens in Virtual real time so you know this is happening as quick as possible if it’s a Sunday night at 1 am you do still want to send out so you are first in line mind in mind to have your order full filed. Second we help you with pricing some of the most difficult time is knowing what exactly to price your product and the ecommerce business margins them then and pricing means everything. We determine based on unit’s height, size of product, weight of product we can contact shipping companies such as UPS we’ll even work with negotiator rates. We then know what market you’re selling into and the cost of these markets whether that’s a credit card fee on your side or 3rd party like the Amazon where you pay a commission. We then crunch all the numbers in over each product what is the breakeven price that you should be selling. Also you could specify desired margin and we tell you what the price to hit the margin is and also the possible breakeven price that way you know you’re not going to lose mindless products and you know if you can compete. Third we scan mark at searches Amazon and let you know where there are prices that you could beat the current competition. So if you’re selling an item for $10 and you know you can drop the price and you can beat everyone on the Amazon market down to $8 but still make a profit we send you alert, these alerts could be seen on a dashboard but also we give real time e-mails you can then go to Spark Shipping see your breakeven price, see your targets and know exactly your cost and you can feel confidence setting your prices. Our goals are one at the time much more but this is where we’re starting and we hope that we can help you automate e-commerce business. If you have any questions at all please feel free to e-mail me at Charles [at] sparkshipping.com. We’d love to work with you so give it a try any questions please feel free to e-mail me Charles at sparkshipping.com and I hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day. Thanks!

Update 01/01/14 - Please note that we no longer offer a 30 day trial but we do provide free setup and support on all accounts.

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