The Egg Carton Store Connects Its Website and Warehouse

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The Egg Carton Store is a specialist business catering to the egg marketing and packaging needs of small farms across America. 

It is a family business, and they have a long history of working “in the world of egg packaging, marketing, and branding.”

Via their online store, they sell an “extensive line of egg cartons and egg trays (filler flats), as well as egg baskets, egg candlers, egg washing equipment, egg incubators, feeders, scales, nests, and more!”

Given their knowledge and experience within the egg industry, they can also assist their customers by providing excellent advice and recommendations to make sure that they find the exact products they need. 

So, if you are in the egg business, The Egg Carton Store is who you need to talk to!

How The Egg Carton Store Uses Spark Shipping

Custom Vendor Integrations

Sometimes the vendor you need to work with is your own warehouse, which means you will need a custom integration between your e-commerce store and your warehouse.

This was the case for The Egg Carton Store, and luckily Spark Shipping was able to help, as it offers a service to build any custom vendor integration for a once-off flat fee. 

According to The Egg Carton Store: 

Spark Shipping was a referral from Big Commerce. We had several meetings to discuss our needs and the team at Spark was very helpful. They answered all our questions and concerns on how to set up the API with our warehouse and website.

Customer Service

Having someone who could help them set things up exactly how they needed was an important factor for The Egg Carton Store in choosing an e-commerce automation solution.

This is another reason why they chose to work with Spark Shipping.

According to The Egg Carton Store:

“It is important to us that we can have a point of contact, in this case, Dalia who worked with our team and our warehouse team to get everything set up the way that was needed. 

Sparks Shipping was able to provide customization and customer service that was professional and knowledgeable. By working with Sparks Shipping we were able to automate our website with our warehouse saving us time and money.”

How Can Spark Shipping Help You?

Spark Shipping works with any vendor, even if that “vendor” is your own warehouse.

So if you need a custom vendor integration, Spark Shipping can build one for you for a once-off flat fee. Or, if it is a simple integration, you have the option to set it up yourself easily!

So if you need a custom integration like The Egg Carton Store, Spark Shipping can help!

Or, you may need help with some of the other problems we have been able to solve for our customers.

No matter your need, why not get in touch with us and see how we can help?


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