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SellerActive provides a multi-channel e-commerce sales solution that includes everything you need to manage your e-commerce website and start selling on all major marketplaces (including Amazon, eBay, and Walmart).

You can also upload product listings, manage inventory, and accept orders via the sales channels you have set up on SellerActive.

A unique feature of SellerActive is its handy automated repricing tool, which helps ensure your items are priced competitively. You can also use it to automatically implement pricing strategies, which can help you, for example, capture the buy boxes on Amazon. 

While SellerActive can automate pricing, you still need to manually upload product information, set stock levels, and worry about order fulfillment and tracking.

This is where Spark Shipping comes in, as we can automate all these repetitive processes on SellerActive for you!

Spark Shipping’s SellerActive Integration

Spark Shipping automates the connection between SellerActive and all of your vendors!

We work with any vendor, supplier, manufacturer, distributor, warehouse, etc., regardless of the vendor's format.

Have a look at how our automation software tools integrate with SellerActive to automate all your core processes!

Automated Product Uploads

Spark Shipping can take the hassle out of product uploads by doing the heavy lifting for you. 

Spark Shipping gathers complete product data from all your vendors. 

We then consolidate the data in one easy-to-use product catalog personalized to you, allowing you to update your product listings on your SellerActive e-commerce business easily.

Product Data is uploaded in the format SellerActive requires.

Automated Inventory Updates

Spark Shipping allows you to simplify your SellerActive inventory management by fully automating your inventory updates, ensuring you never have to tell a customer you can’t fulfill an order after they have placed it.

You can use our One-to-Many mapping to link a single product listing in your SellerActive store to multiple vendors. 

Spark Shipping can send up to real-time product updates from all of them, making sure you can always route orders to an in-stock vendor.

Automated Pricing

Spark Shipping provides real-time pricing updates, and margins are always maintained in the SellerActive market despite changing prices. 

Spark Shipping also pushes cost data, including the cost of the lowest cost in-stock vendor, directly to SellerActive for SellerActive to use in their automated repricing engine.

Automated Order Fulfillment

Using Spark Shipping’s One-to-Many mapping, you can link one product to multiple vendors. 

This enables each Spark Shipping product listing to track different SKUs, vendor identifiers, stock quantities, and unit costs for each vendor it is linked to. 

This means Spark Shipping can automatically route orders to the correct vendors as soon as customers place them in your store!

You can choose to either fully automate order routing, i.e. as soon as an order is placed it is automatically sent to the correct vendor, or you can create rules that flag certain orders for manual approval.

Automated Tracking Updates

Spark Shipping automatically updates your store with tracking numbers and your orders are marked as sent as soon as your vendors send back tracking information. You can configure your shopping carts to automatically alert your customers via email. 

Tracking goes from Vendor -> Spark Shipping -> Your Store -> Your Customers -- A fully automated round trip!


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