Supercharge Your Dropshipping Store with One-to-Many Mapping

Do you have products that multiple vendors, including your internal warehouse, can fulfill?

If you are running a dropshipping business, you have probably run into the following issue:

  • You want to list a product in your store, but multiple vendors can fulfill it.

  • Each one of the vendors has different data for that product, i.e. a different SKU, a different identifier, and a different cost of the product.

  • This means that to list the product for multiple vendors, you need to create a separate product listing for each of the vendors in your store.

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Spark Shipping Can Help!

With Spark Shipping, you can create one product listing in your store and map it to multiple vendors.

The process is as easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Find the vendor with the best product data in your personalized Spark Shipping product catalog and do a product upload. Spark Shipping then creates a unique ID for the products listed in your store.

  2. Search for vendors who stock the same product in your Spark Shipping product catalog and tell Spark Shipping to map the product data for those vendors to the existing product listings in your store.

  3. Spark Shipping will then automatically link the vendor-level data, i.e. SKUs, identifiers, cost of the product, stock quantities, etc., for the multiple vendors you selected onto the unique ID for each product in your store.

In three easy steps, you have created a single product listing in your store and mapped it onto multiple vendors. Now you no longer have to worry about updating SKUs, checking inventory, or updating pricing.

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Benefits of One-to-Many Mapping

Having one product linked to multiple vendors doesn’t just give you a clean storefront, it also has benefits for pricing, inventory management, and order fulfillment.

With this feature, Spark Shipping can automatically update your pricing, and inventory, and route your orders to the best vendor.

With One-to-Many mapping, Spark Shipping can intelligently route orders, based on the routing rules you pick, for example:

  • Always route to vendors who have the product in stock.

  • Route orders to the lowest cost in-stock vendor, making sure you have the best pricing.

  • Route orders to the closest vendor with the lowest cost.

And many more configurations!

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