Spark Shipping Adult Drop Shipper

Need to integrate your shopping cart with Adult Drop Shipper?

  • Are you struggling to integrate Adult Drop Shipper with your e-commerce store?
  • Is it taking you hours to keep product listings updated?
  • Is order tracking for your customers difficult?

Adult Drop Shipper Integration Details

About Adult Drop Shipper

Why Choose Adult Drop Shipper?

Adult Drop Shipper is the PERFECT solution for your growing adult business. ADS does not simply relay orders to third-party fulfillment centers, we bring you the thousands of stocked items from ECN and XGEN. By choosing to partner with us, you can instantly offer your customers the entire ECN and XGEN catalog: our warehouse is your warehouse!

Key Benefits of Adult Drop Shipper:

  • Discrete shipping & packaging
  • Huge selection of products from more than 150 vendors
  • No inventory to stock, no high overhead costs
  • Most orders ship within 24 business hours
  • Automated catalog/inventory data feed options available
  • Orders ship to your customer under your name
  • Fulfill orders as Ship Complete or Fill & Kill
  • Maintain control over pricing, site design, shipping options, promotions, sales, etc...

Who can use Adult Drop Shipper?

  • "Brick-and-mortar" stores (toy/novelty and bookstores)
  • Online adult stores
  • Adult home party consultants
  • Mail order companies (online and offline)
  • Marketplace and Power Sellers

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List Products Fast

  • Automatically update your site with available stock
  • List thousands of products in seconds
  • Update the latest prices 💰 💰 💰
  • Stay in MAP compliance
  • Upload images and descriptions
  • Include products from multiple suppliers
  • Send orders directly to your distributor

Improve User Experience and Watch Sales

  • Connect your product catalog with customer-facing apps
  • Maximize product choice for customers
  • Allow users to search large product databases with ease
  • Build trust with customers & elevate your brand

Automate Tracking

  • Automatically provide your distributors tracking updates to customers
  • Save time dealing with customer tracking requests
  • Improve customer experience

Spark Shipping integrates with these shopping carts

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