The Vendor Product Catalog is Out of Beta! 🎉

Using Spark Shipping Vendor Product CatalogWe've been hard at work getting the Vendor Product Catalog ready for prime time and that time has finally come!

Spark Shipping can now show the full product catalog from a vendor and give you the ability to choose which products you would like to push to your shopping cart or marketplace.

Spark Shipping Vendor Product Catalog

Spark Shipping can pull in product data such as multiple high resolution product images, names, full product description, product unit cost, MSRP, MAP and most other data that the vendor provides.

The product catalog gives you full access to your suppliers product datafeed. You'll be able to which products are in your store and which products are not.

You can search for products using price range, stock, cost and many other attributes. Once you have a list of the products you want to add you can push the products to your shopping cart or marketplace account in bulk or 1 at a time.

Using Spark Shipping Product Price Automation, each time a vendor updates the price of their products, the price on your store will automatically be updated to so that you always keep a constant margin.

We have been hard at working back-filling the product catalog to our existing vendor integrations. If it's technically possible we're going to be including it! Either stand by or reach out to us directly for an ETA of when it will be added.

To see a full list of current vendor integrations please checkout: Spark Shipping Vendor Integrations

If you have any questions about how the catalog works or when it will be added to an existing integration or make any suggestions then let us know!

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