Reasons To Automate Your Drop Ship Process

  1. Save Time & Money
    Most dropshippers process orders manually, when an order comes in the store owner or another employee need to stop what they are doing to send time reviewing an order and placing it with the appropriate vendor(s). Depending on who is processing the order this is either costing the store owner time or money... Either way this is a waste of resources that can be easily solved.
  2. Process Orders 24/7
    When vendors fulfill their orders it's on a first come/first serve basis, the first orders received are the first to be sent out. That also means for popular items you have a chance of submitting an order for an item that has recently gone out of stock. For example, if an order comes in Sunday at 8 AM that's not processed until Monday AM, there's a chance that you're vendor will no longer have this item in stock.

    This is why setting up an automated system to processing orders 24/7 is so important. When an order comes in it is automatically sent to your vendor. Whatever time or day, you'll be first in line with your vendor.
  3. Reduce Human Error
    Let's face it, we all make mistakes and in E-Commerce mistakes cost the store owner money. If you have not already, you'll eventually process an order for an incorrect SKU.

    That's going to cost more in return shipping cost, lost time sending the correct item and customer support time.
  4. Give Yourself Freedom
    Freeing yourself from the menial task of processing orders gives you time to work on other parts of your business. Having to constantly be checking for new orders and processing those orders as quickly as possible forces you to stop working on the task at hand. This distraction is totally not necessary, once you setup an automated order fulfillment system you give yourself the time focus on growing your business.