Full Product Data Upload to Your Store

Truly automate your supplier’s feed with a full product data integration and automated product uploads.

View your vendor's full product catalog and select products you would like in your store.

Spark Shipping will then create the products data and photos from your vendor's catalog automatically in your store


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How it Works

Dashboard gives you a heads up view of your store and orders over time.

Details of all your orders can be viewed from here. You can also view your orders' fulfillment details such as which vendor it was sent to and how it was sent to that vendor (Email, FTP, CSV, XML, API, etc).

This is how you will connect Spark Shipping to your store - Add a new site here and away you go! Also, managing multiple sites is easy, add & delete new sites from here.

Keep track of all your vendors in 1 location. Manually upload datafeeds or view progress of your automated uploads that are currently running.

View all the products in your store, manage linking products to vendors and edit products details from here.