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Wraith Tactical believes that “when your job is to save lives and seconds count, you should be given every operational advantage.”

They understand that first responders should have access to innovative solutions to help them deal with the complex problems they face on a daily basis. 

This is why they offer products and training designed by industry experts to fill any gaps in preparedness, helping first responders across all disciplines focus on getting their job done with equipment they can trust. 

So, if you need tactical gear that you can trust, Wraith Tactical is who you should speak to!

How Wraith Tactical Uses Spark Shipping

Inventory Management

When asked why he chose to work with Spark Shipping, Burt Wheeler from Wraith Tactical said the following:

When I started the company, things were very manageable, but as the orders began to increase, I had to find a system that could update my inventory automatically.”

Spark Shipping could help with this, as our automated inventory management system allowed him to fully automate his inventory updates. 

Wraith Tactical could also automate the inventory updates from all of its vendors, as Spark Shipping can integrate with any vendor, even if it requires a custom setup.

“Spark Shipping helped me set up some very complicated integrations with companies that were not very advanced. They actually reached out to a couple of companies on my behalf to make arrangements with their IT departments.”

Complete Automation

When asked what aspects of Spark Shipping appealed most to Wraith Tactical, Wheeler said the following:

“I needed inventory management, but they also offered automated customer ordering and fulfillment and provided integrations with my platforms to automatically provide tracking number updates. Once their integration is in place, you don’t have to do very much. I also enjoyed custom integrations that made life much easier for me.”

Using Spark Shipping’s automated order fulfillment, automated inventory updates, vendor integrations, and tracking updates Wraith Tactical was able to fully automate their online store. 

In fact, according to Wheeler:

Spark Shipping has made my business pretty much run on autopilot. The orders come in, get processed, sent to my suppliers, the tracking number is then sent back through the system to my customer. It’s that simple! I never have to worry about inventory levels. The Spark system watches everything for me.”

How Can Spark Shipping Help You?

If you need help automating your eCommerce store so that you can let it run on autopilot whilst you focus on sales, Spark Shipping can help! 

Or, you may need help with some of the other problems we have been able to solve for our customers.

No matter your need, why not get in touch with us and see how we can help?


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