iShop Nutrition Uses Spark Shipping for Custom Vendor Integrations

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iShop Nutrition is an online retailer specializing in health and nutrition. They cater to everyone who wants to keep fit and be healthier and have been doing so for more than 20 years.

They offer a wide range of quality health products at good value prices, including food supplements and herbal remedies. 

iShop Nutrition is committed to providing its customers with “an exceptional and educational shopping experience that is easy, informative, and stress-free.”

So, if you take your health seriously, look at what they offer in their store!  

How iShop Nutrition Uses Spark Shipping

Custom Vendor Integrations

According to iShop Nutrition, they chose Spark Shipping “because we were looking for a company that could do custom API integrations with our dropshippers.

iShop Nutrition works with a wide range of vendors, including vendors for which most dropship automation solutions don’t have prebuilt integrations.

This is where Spark Shipping helped, as it offers a service to build custom API integrations with any vendor for a once-off flat fee

iShop Nutrition has found this service and Spark Shipping’s willingness to work with them to solve specific problems they have as a business to be invaluable. 

Spark Shipping has also created a number of custom solutions for various problems. We have found that many companies are slow to respond to limitations in their platform. Spark Shipping support is quick to respond and open to building custom solutions.”


iShop Nutrition also uses Spark Shipping’s inventory management, order fulfillment, and tracking features to automate the core processes of their business and save time so that they can focus on other essential tasks. 

According to iShop Nutrition, Spark Shipping has “automated and simplified the flow of order, tracking, and inventory data for our e-commerce business, which has saved staff hours for other projects.” 

How Can Spark Shipping Help You?

Spark Shipping works with any vendor, supplier, manufacturer, distributor, warehouse, etc., regardless of the vendor's format.

It also allows users to create custom vendor integrations themselves, or for more complex integrations, Spark Shipping will build a custom integration for a once-off flat fee. 

So if like iShop Nutrition, you need custom integrations with your vendors, Spark Shipping can help!

Or, you may need help with some of the other problems we have been able to solve for our customers.

No matter your need, why not get in touch with us and see how we can help?


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